Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) is a coalition of European airlines and unions representing airline employees fighting for fair competition and high social standards with the objective to safeguard European aviation, European jobs and to sustain connectivity for Europe’s citizens.


E4FC Manifesto

Key policy priorities for the future of the EU aviation industry
May 2021

Aviation is crucial for the European Union

Air connectivity is relevant for the travelling public, for businesses and the economy at large: the better a city, a region or country is connected by air to other destinations in Europe and other parts of the world, the more growth can be generated.
EU airlines play a vital role in connecting Europe to the world.
Through the European hubs, they not only provide over 200,000 high-quality jobs with stellar social standards but also safeguard those for their suppliers.

Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) is a coalition of EU airlines and unions that have been advocating that the European aviation industry must remain competitive and seize the opportunities offered by a fast-changing global economy, in a sustainable way.
European airlines play a vital role in (directly) connecting Europe while the trade unions of E4FC represent highly skilled aviation professionals. It is this connectivity and the high value aviation-related jobs that are at stake if the European Commission fails to take immediate action. Sustainable growth and connectivity in Europe are not only compatible with competitive airlines and high-quality jobs but also dependent on them.