E4FC calls for a new EU Aviation Strategy ensuring fair competition


04 May 2021

On 4 May, Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) launched its Manifesto highlighting the key policy priorities for a future-proof EU aviation industry. With the Manifesto, which was launched during its webinar with distinguished policy-makers, E4FC aims to contribute to a new EU Aviation Strategy ensuring fair competition that safeguards European aviation and its jobs, and sustains connectivity for European citizens.  

During the webinar, E4FC called on policy-makers to secure the core values of the EU aviation industry based on fair competition on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic: strong European airlines to ensure connectivity for European citizens, as well as the need for high social standards and a sustainably industry.

In its Manifesto, E4FC outlines four key priorities of a future-proof EU aviation industry:

  1. Pending air transport agreements to be postponed until there is more clarity on how international aviation is developing post-crisis. This would allow the European Commission and EU Member States to align the agreements to the new reality caused by COVID-19 and to the increased environmental ambition (European Green Deal).
  2. Strict enforcement of ownership and control rules to ensure the proper functioning of the EU’s internal market.
  3. EU legislation to provide airlines and their employees with a clear and consistent regulatory framework avoiding abuse of loopholes in EU social law and to contribute to a level playing field for all airlines and workers operating in the EU market.
  4. Sustainability measures resulting from the European Green Deal to be designed in such a way that competitive disadvantages are avoided.

Keynote speakers of the webinar highlighted the following:

“EU Member States should invest more in enforcing social protection, so that existing rules cannot be circumvented.”

  • Joost Korte, Director-General at DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

“The green transition is vital for the aviation industry, but we must ensure there is political commitment to secure fair competition and high social standards.”

  • Mr. Søren Gade, Member of the European Parliament (Renew Europe, Denmark)

“Pending air transport agreements should be postponed until there is more clarity on how aviation will develop post-crisis and be aligned with Green Deal measures.”

  • Ms. Annette Groeneveld, Member of the E4FC Executive Committee

About Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC)

E4FC is a coalition of European airlines and unions representing airline employees fighting for fair competition and high social standards with the objective to safeguard European aviation, European jobs and to sustain connectivity for Europe’s citizens.


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