Europeans for Fair Competition lobt Luftverkehrsmandate und drängt darauf, unverzüglich Maßnahmen zu ergreifen

AMSTERDAM, July 11, 2016 / PRNewswire / – Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC), a broad-based alliance of trade unions, consumers and businesses that the “fair and equal” to have committed in European markets competition, commends the recent the transport Council of awarded European Union to the Commission mandates the purpose of negotiating a comprehensive air transport agreements with specific third countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the State of Qatar. this is urgently needed, as the liberalization of air transport had been carried out on a bilateral basis. We welcome this mandates especially because our faith in such negotiations is large. in addition, such agreements have the potential to curb protectionism stop, and require that public and subsidized carriers face the commercial competition, would such as private investors do.
the above EUR 39 billion (only 2004-2014) in government subsidies and support services, the state airline of the EU partners in third countries (Qatar and United Arab Emirates) have received, have been used to so that services and capacity between Europe and Asia via its turntables massively expanded and more strategic investment in European airlines could be made so as to support their own operations and to allow access to the market and to relocate. Therefore, immediate action is needed to ensure a level playing field for commercial aviation in the EU, and we appeal to the general management of transport, to exercise its supervisory role in all airlines that are active in the EU markets and establish rules with which our market standards and fair competition can be maintained and enforced.

It is vital that the EU continues to pursue a comprehensive policy that strengthens access to European hubs in order to ensure the connection and consumer choice in the long term. Without such a policy access and connection would soon be a case for publicly supported / state-owned non-EU air carriers, which would offer its own discretion and own interests Services. Therefore E4FC asks the Commission that during the negotiation process all voices relevant stakeholders are heard and that the aviation industry is invited to participate in ad hoc coordination meetings organized between the Commission and the Member States (in addition to the usual and highly appreciated institutional dialogue, which takes place already in the context of the consultative Forum).

European airlines and their employees can stand up to all airlines, but it is a completely different matter if with governments  must compete from the Middle East, which is contrary to international agreements and to the detriment of the European economy and their state airlines European workers subsidize heavily.

Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) is an alliance of concerned Europeans, who unites the borders of the EU Member States and on employer-employee relations beyond [see ] with the objective to create a level playing field with countries that subsidize their airlines in contradiction to European air transport Agreement, in particular the United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar.

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