“We know that the European airlines are subject to a strong international, global competition, which – now you must be able to say – through government support in various ways a certain competitive advantage gained – whether these are the Gulf states or countries in the Asian region. Nevertheless, we should not react with foreclosure, but rather with a wise and proactive strategy to establish a level playing field for all in response.” Ismail Ertug, MEP from Germany
“We firmly believe that while welcoming the contribution of Gulf carriers to the EU economy, the Commission should emphasise the need to engage into a comprehensive agreement with the EU that will combine elements of market opening with certain safeguards to guarantee open and fair competition. Transparency is a key element of such fair competition element.”Ramon Tremosa, MEP from Spain

“All stakeholders are required to face the issue of unfair competition from the Gulf carriers. As in other industrial sectors, I believe one should resort to restrictions on market access if fair conditions aren’t met. It is undisputed that especially the Gulf States subsidise their careers directly or indirect. These unfair conditions result in a large part in the lack of competitiveness of European air carriers. It is therefore necessary to revise Regulation 868/2004 without any further delay.”Georges Bach, MEP from Luxembourg
“Therefore, we must support this industry in absolutely all areas, from infrastructure, airports, the regional airports, with new infrastructure, because airports need this, then with airlines, which must ensure an environment of fair competition. For this, we need global agreements with major countries, with the main areas that meet European standards. I hope, in particular, to receive from the Council a mandate to start negotiations with the Gulf. We need SES (Single European Sky), exactly as you said, but you must insist that these cases are unlocked.” Marian-Jean Marinescu, MEP from Romania

“Let us finally not at companies like Ryanair, Norwegian Airlines and others, forcing them to respect the law. This regulation should also enable us to fight against unfair competition from Gulf airlines. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are to benefit their companies tens of billions of euros of state aid to get its hands on the aviation market. How do you want that European companies follow? We need a new regulation against state aid and unfair pricing practices that distort competition.” Karima Delli, MEP from France
“Of course, efforts must be made by all, including also by employees, but our companies cannot survive if they are not finally put on an equal footing with their competitors, including companies of the country Gulf and Turkey. These are heavily subsidized – as has been said – by their governments, not to mention indirect aid, as exemption from social security, almost free fuel or exemptions from airport taxes, as many loads that weigh heavily on European companies which cannot be compensated by any aid since the Commission prohibited the name of this same competition.” Marie-Christine Arnautu, MEP from France

“The commission comes up with new measures to combat unfair competition in the aviation sector. This is important, because the current rules are inadequate: The Gulf States give large amounts of subsidies to their companies and we cannot possibly compete up against.” Wim van de Camp, MEP from Netherlands
We look forward to the presentation by the Commission in a few days and I hope that the package includes three aspects. First, a level playing field for aviation, both within Europe and in competition with companies from the Middle East. Second, that the safety when flying over areas at risk and also when checking baggage, such as at-risk airports, especially Sharm el-Sheikh, is properly monitored.” Peter van Delen, MEP from Netherlands