“They just want to throw peanuts at us. But the genie is out of the bottle. They will not be able to restrain our capacity.”Akbar Al Baker, CEO Qatar Airways

Like Emirates and Etihad, state-owned Qatar Airways serves EU destinations with large aeroplanes, selling tickets at very low prices for flights namely to Asia-Pacific via Doha. Qatar Airways and government officials have not been fully transparent in demonstrating how much their growth (which far exceeds normal market patterns) is financed. Foreign companies doing business in Europe need to adhere to the same principles which apply to European companies doing business in Europe. European consumers benefit when there is a level playing field, with airlines competing fairly.

With the help of subsidies, Qatar Airways is able to offer unnecessary capacity at non-economical prices with the objective of gaining market share at the expense of airlines working under normal commercial conditions.

Government subsidies received by Qatar Airways totaling
€15.3 billion include:

Government interest free loans- €575 million in avoided interest

Debt forgiveness – €7.2 billion in government loans, shareholder advances, and in kind contributions that are never expected to be repaid

Government loan guarantees

Outright, non-repayable grants and other non-monetary contributions

Airport tax exemptions and rebates

Government bestowal of free land valued at €421 million

Qatar Airways Aircraft on Order
Subsidies can buy a lot these days

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