Who We Are:

We are a coalition of concerned Europeans – airline employees, passengers, companies, and many others who are fighting to save European aviation and its related employment – who are concerned about how illegal aviation subsidies from two Middle Eastern nations are distorting the marketplace in Europe, threatening EU jobs and the larger EU economy.

Europeans for Fair Competition™ is about :

  • Promoting, restoring and protecting a level playing field for European aviation;
  • Promoting fair and balanced air service agreements and require enforcement of compliance with them;
  • Protecting European aviation workers from the threat of job loss due to unprecedented state-subsidized airline expansion;
  • Providing solutions how air service/open skies agreements should address a disproportional flow of state subsidized carrier capacity to and from Europe.

We are calling on our individual nations and EU governing bodies to enforce international aviation rules, ensure competition is level, and end the Gulf subsidies.

Learn more about the subsidized Gulf carriers:


Emirates, the national airline of Dubai has collected subsidies from their government since 2004. Learn the different ways they have collected their subsidies from the United Arab Emirates.

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Etihad Airways

One of the subsidized carriers of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, has been collecting subsidies since it was founded in mid-2003. How else are they going to pay for all of their sports sponsorships?

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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways never needed to depend on profits to keep their airline in business. When funds are running low, they can depend on a check from their government. Who else is going to buy all of those A350s?

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