E4FC’s mission

Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) is a coalition of EU airlines and unions that have been advocating that the European aviation industry must remain competitive and seize the opportunities offered by a fast-changing global economy, in a sustainable way.

The airlines of E4FC play a vital role in (directly) connecting Europe while the trade unions of E4FC represent highly skilled aviation professionals. It is this connectivity and the high value aviation-related jobs that are at stake if the European Commission fails to take immediate action. Sustainable growth and connectivity in Europe are not only compatible with competitive airlines and high-quality jobs but also dependent on them.

European airlines can compete with any airline provided the playing field is level, therefore E4FC continues its efforts to enforce international and EU-level aviation and trade rules, maintain high social standards and ensure fair and equitable competition and a satisfactory level playing field.

E4FC has been stressing the crucial importance of an EU-based airline industry which best serves Europe’s strategic, economic and social interest in maintaining jobs, protecting consumers’ rights, enabling investments, competitiveness and connectivity. It is vital that the EU pursues a policy that strengthens the accessibility of Europe’s secondary and tertiary destinations through European hubs to safeguard connectivity and consumer choice on a long term, always in a fair and competitive environment. Furthermore, connectivity through Europeans hubs rather than extra-European detours also contributes to making aviation more sustainable allowing passengers to shorten the flown distances and consequently reduce their carbon footprints.